You Can Make a Difference

There’s a certain sense of gratification that comes with helping others. Whether you’re teaching a child to tie his shoe or preparing a meal for someone in need, serving others can be one of the most touching, impactful experiences you can have. You’re taking yourself out of your comfort zone to step into someone else’s world. When we reframe our perspective to see the world through another’s eyes, we gain more understanding and compassion; this may be through greeting a parent as they bring their child to church, this could be through telling a story of hope through dance or music. Serving others by using our gifts and talents is how we impact and add value to the world.


Is Volunteering For You?

Everyone can help someone else. No matter what you’re good at, you can explore a new way of giving back to others by simply being willing. You can also learn new skills, uplift others and experience a sense of growth and development through volunteering. 

In Matthew Chapter 9, verse 35, after serving all day, Jesus looked at all the people who still needed help and told his followers to pray for workers to help serve. We all have something to give, and when we selflessly serve others, we may experience true joy and satisfaction.


Get Started with Volunteering

Someone could use your help. Volunteering and serving others is an act of love towards our community and our God. If you have questions about volunteering or are ready to make a difference in your community and around the world, we hope you’ll click to get connected.

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