Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Finding peace and acceptance when something devastating happens can seem impossible. Whether you’ve recently experienced the death of a loved one, illness, or another devastating life situation, when trauma hits your home, it may seem as though life will never be the same. You would usually turn to God in prayer for comfort, but the question may arise “Why would God allow this to happen?” This comfortless place of despair can seem to stretch before you, offering little to no relief. Yet, even in the darkest of times, we can find glimpses of God’s light, pointing us forward.


You are not alone in this question

The Bible shares the story of Job’s life. Job was a good man who was very prosperous. Job lost everything, his cattle, his children and even his health in a matter of hours. In this storm of life, Job questioned God, asking this very question – why? 

Through Job’s life, we discover the immense grace and gentleness of God’s presence through life’s painful events. We discover that God invites and welcomes our questions even when we are angry or sad. In the worst of times, when Job lost all hope, God was there, listening and eventually answering. 

Continue to ask questions and commit to living every moment you have in pursuit of the power, love and healing presence of God as you are restored daily.


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