What is My Purpose?

Have you ever struggled to understand the purpose of your life? Have you spent time trying to discover your unique calling or your destiny?Many of us desire a deeper understanding of who we are and what we were put here on this earth to do. When you know your purpose, it motivates every detail of your life, energising you and fuelling your passion. It’s no wonder so many people are seeking to understand the purpose of their lives. In fact, since Google began tracking search data in 2004, this question about purpose in life has been increasingly queried year after year.


We Were Created on Purpose

From your eye color to your hair’s texture, you were made on purpose, right down to your unique skills and talents. God had a master blueprint in mind when he chose the details of your life – your upbringing, your personality, your strengths and even your weaknesses. In order to really understand your life purpose, you need to tap into the blueprint that God had in mind even before you were even born. When you go to God in prayer, ask Him to reveal the right people, places, and priorities for your life. Ask God to help you live on purpose daily. God will surely reveal to you the life that He called you to live as you continue to speak to Him and to follow His lead.


Get Connected

Discovering your purpose is a beautiful journey that will make a tremendous difference in your life. As you explore your purpose, we invite you to get connected. You’ll be put in touch with someone who can help you begin your journey of discovering who you are and why God put you here on earth.

Get Connected
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