Seeking Social Justice

It’s just not fair. As people made in the image of God, there is an innate characteristic embedded in all of us that causes us to seek fairness or, in other words, JUSTICE. If you’ve ever read and studied the Bible, you might have noticed that God, Himself, is a seeker and deliverer of justice. The definition of true justice is things being made right and equitable. There’s a phrase often used in our culture today called SOCIAL JUSTICE. You might be wondering what that means and how you can play a part as it relates to social justice.


What is Social Justice

Social justice is the process of making things right – or fair – for someone other than yourself. When you intervene on behalf of another person to resolve an inequity or an injustice, I’d call that social justice. Typically, when people speak about social justice, they’re referring to a broader scale effort. Examples might be seeking equal rights for an oppressed group of people, perhaps because of their ethnicity or gender. It could be the intervention of human trafficking or feeding the poor in third-world countries. Many issues can fall into the category of social justice and some great organizations that position themselves to address the needs of others.


What the Bible Says about Social Justice

The Bible shares several examples of social justice. From Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan to the selection of deacons in Acts chapter 6 to ensure that the Greek widows were getting meals. As Christians, we have a calling to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. And sometimes, that means that we need to stand up for the rights - for justice - for others. If you’d like to learn more about how you can make a difference in someone else’s life through social justice, go ahead and click to get connected.

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