Rediscover the Gift of Companionship

Human connection is a source of encouragement, support, and strength. However, loneliness is a common emotion experienced during life transitions – as relationships evolve and people make major lifestyle changes. Anyone in any season of life can feel loneliness, yet the very nature of this emotion can make it challenging to reach out and share with others. As human beings, we’re wired for community. Everyone needs a support system; however, not everyone has that. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a place where you’re looking for the strength and comfort that relationships often bring. Don’t be ashamed of that. It’s more common than you may realize. While we live in a more digitally connected world than ever, people everywhere are experiencing more and more loneliness and isolation.


Relationships Provide a Sense of Purpose

When you’re engaging with a family member or a colleague from work, this human touch can often move you forward towards a shared goal or objective – whether it’s the next family barbeque, a trip to the doctor’s office, or an important client meeting. As you serve others and contribute to their lives, you feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


Build Healthy Relationships

While the right relationships enhance your life, the wrong relationships can cultivate mistrust and further isolation. God designed the first relationship between Adam and Eve to be a source of support, companionship, and joy. It is essential to build relationships that will elevate your sense of wellbeing. A good, healthy church is a place where you can form healthy, meaningful relationships, explore community, and live a life of purpose. Click to get connected to a supportive community.

Get Connected
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