Questions On Your Faith Journey

Are you experiencing questions about the different religions in the world? Maybe you have a desire to know more about God, but you’re unsure about where you should begin. As you continue in your faith journey, you are sure to have questions about what you’ve learned about religion growing up and how it translates into the person you are today.


Religion often starts at home

If you grew up in a Christian family, chances are Christian influences have surrounded you. However, as you experience more of the world, you will likely increase your exposure to people who hold other beliefs that differ from your own. And if you grew up in any of these faith backgrounds, there’s a good chance that you were taught that your religious practices were right and that everyone else is wrong. What are we supposed to do with that?


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If we’re taught “our” religion is right, how do we get the truth? When we understand there are many different people with all kinds of various beliefs about God, spirituality, and the afterlife, we may wrestle with the questions about who’s right and who’s wrong. Do all of these religions essentially serve the same purpose? You’re in the right place. Go ahead and click to get connected, and someone will contact you to have a conversation with you about how to reconcile all these different religions.

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