Marriage is one of the most powerful relationships that we can participate in as human beings. The first book of the Bible establishes marriage as the foundation for human connection. Families are produced, homes are situated, and cultures perpetuate from the central unit of marriage. While marriage is an important institution, it also challenges both husband and wife to go beyond their limitations to connect with the one they love. As we gain a deeper understanding of God’s design for marriage, we can invest in our marriages with purpose and intention.


What is God’s design for marriage?

In the Garden of Eden, God created marriage for companionship, declaring from the beginning that it was not good for a man to be alone. 

Research even shows that married people enjoy better health than singles. 

God designed the marriage relationship for intimacy and support, declaring that two should be as one. However, in today’s context, one may ask how two people from different backgrounds and upbringing grow in unity and intimacy? 

God provides the perfect example for marriage in the Bible when He tells husbands to love their wives just as Christ loved the church. Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for the church. He gave His life. In this example, we can consider how we ought to sacrifice for our spouse. Married couples are also instructed to submit to one another in the marriage relationship. 

We are to approach marriage with humility and a heart to serve and love one another. As we approach one another in humility, marriage can evolve into a beautiful union of peace and joy.


How can I build a stronger marriage?

Follow God’s example – God’s love for us serves as a powerful example of how we are to love our spouses. In Ephesians 4:2-3, the Bible shares that we should handle one another with love, humility, gentleness, and patience. In other words, it takes love to build a healthy marriage. Love will motivate you to make personal and spiritual changes so you can become a better spouse. 

Find Community – It helps to surround yourself with other married couples who have experienced and overcome similar challenges. You can find strength and encouragement by connecting with our marriage ministry.


What do I do when marriage gets hard?

We believe that there is power in prayer; partner with your spouse in prayer to gain wisdom and understanding on how to address challenges. If you are looking for further guidance and strategies to heal, restore and strengthen your marriage, you’re in the right place. Get connected today!

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