Experiencing Doubt

We experience most of life according to our five senses, which is why sometimes we struggle to believe in the existence of something we can’t see. As children, we may believe more easily, however as we experience and know more about life, doubts tend to arise. Maybe you’re wondering if what you’ve heard about God is true or just an amplified version of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Faith is a journey, and often, it’s not a perfect one. Life experiences help to build trust over time. If you have questions about the existence of God, it’s essential to explore those challenging questions about God and the Bible.


Explore Your Questions

Belief is defined as the acceptance of a statement or the existence of something as true. To accept something as true, naturally, we must welcome dialogue and exploration to come to a certain level of understanding. As you dig into these questions, you will gain strength and confidence as you deepen your understanding of God, rather than relying on tradition or hearsay.


Get Support

As doubts and questions come, it helps to have a safe place to explore. Get connected in a church where you feel safe asking these questions and discovering support to help guide you while searching for answers. If you have questions about God and the Bible, if you’re curious about Jesus, if you need a safe place or a safe person with whom you can process those questions, please click to get connected.

Get Connected
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