Being Forgiven by God

Have you ever done something you shouldn’t have done? Said something you shouldn’t have said? Thought something you shouldn’t have thought? We all have. Welcome to the club. That’s called “being human.” We all make mistakes, and many times, our relationships and plans may suffer as a result. We all tend to have a sense of responsibility and an inner knowledge in our hearts when we’ve done something wrong or right. We may experience guilt and even shame. If you feel this way, it is natural to seek our healing and reconciliation to repair what has been injured. Programs and classes have emerged to solve this need for restoration many of us have when we’ve wronged a loved one or offended God by our choices.


When We Hurt God with Our Choices

God has created every person in this world with a plan and a purpose in mind. He also set basic standards into motion, such as gravity, buoyancy, seedtime, and harvest, good and evil. Often when we do or say or think things that cross a line somewhere, there is another person who is hurt due to our actions – or even sometimes, our inaction. Whenever we cross those lines, we have also hurt God. The Bible calls these crossed lines sin. Sin is anything that goes against God’s best plans for our lives. Sin is what we do or don’t do that fails to meet His standards. Before you judge God and call Him out for having such a high bar for us to reach, first consider that He also made way for us to be forgiven for those sins – for those times that we fail to meet His standards.


What the Bible Says about Forgiveness

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that we read about in the New Testament of the Bible is ultimately the story of how we find atonement for our sins. It's by faith in Jesus and trusting Him as the master of our lives that God cleanses us from our sin and makes us right in His eyes - even when we regularly fail to meet His standards. Now, there is so much more to this story. And it is indeed the most incredible story ever told. And if you'd like a chance to dig deeper, learn more, and process how God can forgive you, click to get connected.

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