Attending Church Services

Whether you would call yourself a Christian or not, you may be wondering if there is any value in attending church services. Many different things are competing for our time these days, and committing to the church building can be challenging. Until the pandemic of 2020, church attendance in the United Kingdom had remained more or less the same for about 70 years. But a combination of our ability to watch church services online and simply getting out of the habit of attending services during state and federal lockdowns has led to a relatively steep decline in church attendance.


Why Church Matters

Does attending a church service help us in our spiritual lives? It might surprise you that questions about the importance of church attendance date back to the first century – when the church was in its infancy. The New Testament of the Bible shows us several examples of the early Christians gathering in homes to read the letters written by Paul and the other apostles. They sang hymns, and they shared life. 

In the book of Hebrews Chapter 10, the writer encourages the readers to stay with it – to keep gathering as a church. He indicates that some have stopped showing up and that it’s the wrong thing to do.


The Benefits of Church Attendance

As people who follow Jesus, there are some clear benefits and experiences that come with being at a church service regularly. In our gatherings, we have the opportunity to study and learn the Bible together. We get to sing and worship God together. We use our gifts and talents in service together. Did you catch the common thread there? Together. 

When Jesus calls disciples to follow Him, His intentions are always that we do so together. It’s not a solo sport. We give ourselves the best opportunity to grow in our faith when we worship, serve and study together.


Get connected

So whether the church that you might attend is a church of 10 people or a church of 5,000 people, you must spend time together. If you don’t have a church with whom you regularly attend services, or you’re looking for a church and place where you can meet other people who can help you in your faith journey, click to get connected.

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