Position yourself for victory

Now, having put on the armour of God you need to understand your position in the battlefield. This is key strategy as it determines the outcome of the battle against the schemes of the enemy. Your spiritual position determines power and authority that Jesus Christ has imputed in you.

“Together with Christ Jesus He also raised us up and seated us in the heavens.” Ephesians 2:6.

See you are seated on the right hand of the Father (a position of power and authority) with Christ Jesus. Your physical body is here on earth but the real you (spiritual being) is seated with Christ in heavens where you are waging war against your enemies.

You occupy a position of power and authority that has overcome the world. Therefore let us renew your mind by Christ and arise to what God wants you to be. But you need to win the mind battles first for you are strong, victorious, healed, healthy, prosperous, employable, successful, loving, worthy, accepted, head not tail, wonderfully and fearfully made etc. Get these declarations upon your and begin to alter your mind away from the negatives which pull you down.

As people seated with Christ, we are co-rulers, co-creators, co-workers. Christ in you and you in Him. Now, decree the power of God to move in those areas of need, challenges and battles. Use your authority to command any obstacles to be moved from your path.

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