Each of us can pattern our life and ministry after Jesus. We hope you will join us as we become a family on mission together. In summary, here are the four major steps to The Pathway:

Are you new to Genesis? Or have you been attending on Sundays for a while, but haven’t relationally connected with anyone yet? Throughout His ministry, Jesus built a community of relationships where people could connect with Him and one another. Our hope and prayer is that you would get relationally connected to our church family. God intends for the church to be a family on mission together. Here at Genesis, the easiest way to connect to others is by meeting some friendly people during our Sunday morning celebrations.

What are you seeking? Are you searching for answers to your spiritual questions? Would you like to learn more about Jesus? In John 1:39, Jesus invited two people who wanted to learn more about Him to “come and see.” If you do not consider yourself a Christ-follower just yet, we extend the same invitation to you. Here at Genesis, our hope and prayer is that you would encounter the living Jesus, respond to the Gospel by believing and being baptized in Christ. To explain the Gospel, we like to use a tool called The Three Circles.

Are you a baptized Christ-follower ready to grow in your relationship with God? In John 15:5, Jesus said we grow in our relationship with God by learning to stay relationally connected to Him. We can stay connected to Jesus by following His living leadership and His life example. Here at Genesis, our hope and prayer is that you would learn to follow Jesus and develop a close, growing relationship with God. We believe there are a few fundamental ways to do this: study God’s Word, join a connection group, and serve on a ministry team.

Are you a Christ-follower who is hungry for more in your relationship with God? Maybe your next step is to begin investing in others. If you have someone with whom you want to share the Gospel or if you want to begin helping other Christ-followers grow in their relationship with God, then we invite you to join the mission of making disciples.  Here at Genesis, our hope and prayer is that when you are ready, you would be equipped to invest your life into a few individuals. We regularly offer our Multiply Training throughout the year, which is designed to introduce you to the fundamental skills of making disciples.

As you consider where you are on The Pathway, prayerfully try to identify one or two next steps you could take to grow in your relationship with God and get better connected at Genesis Church. Regardless of where you are on The Pathway, we want you to know that prayer is a key next step. Our greatest goal is to help you follow God’s leadership and plans for your life.

What could God do if we all follow God’s mission for our lives?

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