Embrace All Nations

Serving Internationals in our Leeds City community

Embrace All Nations, a ministry that works with the diaspora and multiple refugee groups in Leeds.

Reaching Internationals and Refugees

Most people have no idea that tens of thousands of internationals or diaspora and refugees reside in Leeds City. They migrated to Leeds City because they have come to work, study and been forced to leave their countries seeking protection and refuge. Most of the refugees and asylum seekers left under horrific circumstances. 

The Bible is clear that we are to reach all nations with the good news of Jesus Christ. Embrace All Nations was created to help fulfill this mandate by reaching internationals and refugees right here in Leeds City. Our mission is to build relationship with the international diaspora  community; provide the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that can be understood; and disciple and empower those who choose to follow Him.

How we serve

The needs of refugees are complex and often overwhelming. Embrace All Nations builds trust and friendship while also meeting needs through such venues as ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, life-skill classes, health education, Bible study, outreach to children, support for teens and support for those with addictions.

In our community

Embrace All Nations also supports Leeds City by raising awareness about these populations. The majority of the public have little knowledge of internationals and refugees. Embrace the Nations addresses this need through awareness outreach. 

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