3 benefits and tips of journaling to Christians

Journaling has become one of the ways that I best connect with God. Journaling helps me to persevere in the journey I’m on with Christ and it also helps me to open up to God. It helps me to be more honest with God and with myself.

1. It helps me pay attention to God.

Journaling helps me both to hear from and respond to God. It forces me to slow down and helps me to process what is going on inside my little analytical mind.

I enjoy journaling with different colour ink pens. Sometimes I journal in one colour and then write what I sense God leading me to do or saying to me in a different colour ink. That forces me to LISTEN!

I also write in red ink when I’m mad or frustrated with God – that allows me to quickly look back through my journal and see either how ridiculous I was being or how God showed Himself to me in the midst of my frustrations and bringing them to Him.

2. Journaling helps put feelings to words, or words to feelings.

Maybe you know you are feeling something but you don’t know why. As you begin to write to God, you often get to the why behind those feelings. Or maybe you are thinking something but if someone asked you how that makes you feel, you wouldn’t know how to answer.

I’ve found that journaling helps my feelings to surface as I get my words out on the page. One personal example of this was after hosting an engagement party for my best friend my thoughts were all over the place. As I began to journal and write those out to God that night after the party, I realized that what I was feeling was sadness over the loss of my friend moving to another state and staff team.

Knowing that is what I was feeling better allowed me to ask God to meet me in that sadness. Journaling can also help me to gain perspective and hope or combat the enemy.

3. Journaling records my growth in becoming more like Christ.

Journaling can also be a written record of the things I’m learning from God’s Word. When I look back over my journal and see the prayers I’ve prayed and compare them to my current reality, I often thank God for the growth that He has produced in me!

Seeing that keeps me wanting to bring things to God and ask Him to change me because I see the major ways He has done that in my past.

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Here are a few tips when journaling


  1. Find a journal that you like! My personal favourites are journals with NO lines so that I’m free to write big or draw.
  2. Just be yourself. When you journal, there is no reason to feel fear, or performance anxiety – you can be completely honest in your thoughts, questions and emotions. You don’t need       to hold back from God – He already knows what’s in your heart and your head, and loves you passionately. He doesn’t care about pretty penmanship or grammar.
  3. Feel free to draw. Drawing can help you to see emotions that are harder for you to get in touch with or communicate with words. It’s the process of journaling that is important.               You may start in one direction and He shifts you to something else. Let God stir your heart as you pour it out to Him.

If you haven’t tried journaling, give it a try today. Maybe it will help your heart connect more deeply with the God who loves you far more than you realize. I certainly didn’t realize that spring day when I wrote my thoughts to God that writing to Him would be one of the ways my heart best connects with my Saviour.

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