No matter who you are or where you've been, or where you are from, you are welcome here.

We want you to walk in and feel at home, feel inspired by excellent music from our dynamic youthful praise and worship team. Be challenged by our biblical messages and testimonies of what God is doing in everyday life. 

People from varried walks of life, as well as people with no church background, are feeling at home here.  

You will not be bored by denominational or doctrinal stuff but will let you enjoy the free Spirit movement in all that we do.

We are a Church of no DON’Ts but DOs to enable you living your life to the fullest while you also grow to serve as Jesus in the community.

We are so glad to meet you.

Welcome to All Nations Community Church.
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Firstly, it is because you are loved by God as someone created in his own image and likeness. God cares so much about you.
Society is divided between two groups, the haves and have nots, weak and powerful, poor and rich, masters and slaves etc. One thing that I have discovered is that God loves the undergods who are despised by society as counting to nothing.
Origin determines culture and nature. You are created by God in His image and likeness therefore you have the nature of God. Your DNA is of God and the attributes in you are expressed as the fruit the Spirit.